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All our phone activities have been shrunk to one app these days. From one app, we can make calls, chat, share photos or videos, share live locations, put status, and what not?. As the old book saying if anything comes with benefit, it will also have some issues, and Whatsapp is no different. There is no particular age factor or viewership for WhatsApp, unlike other applications. Anyone with a valid phone number can join WhatsApp and start using the features to the fullest. No way we can prevent our kids from using smartphone features after how education works changes after the pandemic. Of course, not all kids use Whatsapp for good things alone; some of them are ignorant of the misfortune WhatsApp can bring.

Is there any way to track your kid’s WhatsApp usage? It’s an end-to-end encrypted software, hence the formula is very hard to track. But there is a WhatsApp tracker which will help you to in your kids WhatsApp activity tracker. Kids are smarter these days, and most of them know how to play around with WhatsApp without getting caught by their respective parents. Also, parents checking out kids’ mobile phones kind of has a negative impact psychologically.

WhatsApp Tracker app

The tailor-made solution for this is using a WhatsApp tracker on your kid’s phone, which will help track WhatsApp activity without their knowledge. WhatsApp tracker (celltracker) is very efficient in tracking WhatsApp activity with ease from anywhere in the world. Whatsapp tracker just needs a one-time simple installation and few permissions for it to start working. In short, all it needs is few minutes for you to start using the WhatsApp tracker and enable the WhatsApp activity tracker on your kid’s phone.

The uniqueness with us is in this platform; you will not just get the WhatsApp tracker, but along with it multiple features enabled completed cell tracker. You can check out all the features just by creating a free account with a cell tracker.

Whatsapp tracker is one of the prominent features of cell tracker, which gives you the complete outline and in-depth details of WhatsApp activity. Even if your kid deletes any Whatsapp messages or calls log still you will be able to find them out.

WhatsApp Tracker Free

Once the message is sent or received on WhatsApp, will immediately leave fingerprint log on the WhatsApp tracker. Hence, even if your kid deletes any Whatsapp message, you will still be able to access the complete information.

Sharing pictures with a stranger can bring in so much trouble in this social media age. So tracking Whatsapp messages and call logs are just a job half done. But our intelligent Whatsapp tracker can also get access to media from both sender and receiver.

WhatsApp Tracker for Parents

So when you have such a powerful WhatsApp tracker enabled on your kid’s phone, you can be worry-free from the demerits of Whatsapp. The best part of this WhatsApp tracker technology is you can monitor your kids from any place around the globe. if you have your device with internet thats all it takes for you to monitor your kids phone. So, wait no more, signup and check out the complete features of the cell tracker and try it out.

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