Celltracker: Best Mobile Tracking App

Cell Tracker is one of the best parental control apps that is suited for all smartphones. The main highlights of this app include-

  • Free of cost
  • Mobile Spying
  • Tracking and Controlling

Cell Tracker is powerful enough to track and record all the activities of smartphones like tracking all call records, browsing the history of a browser, SMS, videos, photos, live locations, social media accounts, and a bunch of more things.

Some Special Features of Cell Tracker

  • SMS- After the year 2010, there was a high evolution of smartphones. The popularity of text messages is gradually increasing over phone calls. Therefore, there may be a chance that your child may disclose some of the unhealthy conversations via text messages that may affect their future. Hence it becomes necessary as a parent to ensure that your child is not exploited in any of these conversations. Therefore, this app will help you to monitor and track all text messages or social media messages of your child.
  • Call Tracking– There is a high possibility that your child may get attacked by wrong phone calls. These calls may try to influence your child in whatever way they want. In this condition, Cell Tracker will be the best option for you to keep track of your child’s call. It has the feature of monitoring both incoming and outgoing calls. Call Tracker can also record the calls so that you can monitor them at any time when you feel free.
  • Location Tracking- As we all know that all parents are worried about their children, therefore, they always want that their child should remain within their confined space. However, this is not possible because children also want their freedom. In this case, Cell Tracker gives you the best opportunity to track and monitor the current location of your child. It will provide the correct GPS coordinate with latitude and longitude.
  • Browser History Tracking- There has been a drastic increase in internet usage from the year 2016. It has resulted in many smartphone users to give their maximum time in surfing the internet. Since there are many pieces of information available on the web, you may not know that your child is browsing or exposed to which one. Thus, you need to track the browsing history of your child to know whether they are safe. Cell tracker gives you the option to see and monitor what your child does when online.
  • Photos Tracking- With an increase in social media presence, photo sharing has become very popular. Your child may come in contact with many photos worldwide. There is a high chance that your child may come across some bad photos also. Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep a track record of all photos that are stored in your child’s phone. Through Cell Tracker you can monitor whole multimedia storage of your targeted device.
  • Apps Tracking- Cell Tracker can scan and monitor all the apps that are stored on your child’s mobile. Since we all know that there are many apps out there that are not meant for a child or contain some misleading information with them. Hence as a parent, it becomes necessary that you should get all the detailed information related to apps that are installed in the targeted device. With Cell Tracker, you can block the actions of the app that you find harmful for your children.
  • WhatsApp Tracking- Today, WhatsApp is the most downloaded app in the whole world and its number is constantly increasing every day. It is estimated that around 65 million messages are sent every day on Whatsapp. It allows sharing of videos, audios, images, and text messages. Therefore, it is a strong possibility that some of the messages that your kids are sending or receiving are unsuitable for them. Hence with the Cell Tracker mobile app, you have the facility of monitoring the Whatsapp in your child’s mobile so that you can keep a check on it.
  • Facebook Tracking- In Spite of setting the minimum age limit of 13 years for joining Facebook, it is a true fact that around 38% of the children that are on Facebook are below 13 years. Facebook allows you to be friends and chat with anyone in the world without personally knowing them. Therefore, there is a risk that your child may be a friend of a person whose mindset is not good. With the Cell Tracker app, you can track and monitor the Facebook account of your child. It helps you to know what type of friends your child is making. You can also monitor all the messages that he sends or receives via Facebook.
  •  Skype Tracking- Skype is the platform where you can do text messages, video calling, and screen sharing. With these features, there is a high chance that your child may get exposed to various other things. He can connect with everyone without knowing them who they are. With the help of Cell Tracker, you can see and monitor how your child is using this application and what type of people he is interacting with.
  • Snapchat Tracking- Snapchat is the app that is full of special features that can ruin the future of your children. It has the feature of following others and being followed by them. There may be a chance that your child is following some wrong people who can destroy your children. Cell Tracker gives you the feature of tracking and monitoring the Snapchat account of your child and see who are the people your child is following.

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